Send Message to All Friends on Facebook by Single Click

Ever tried to automatically send message to all friends on facebook just in one click ?
It will be very useful for you in promoting, advertising your fanpage or anything on facebook .
So now everything is automated with this process and it just needs you to download that script and then add your message that you would like to broadcast to your friends. That’s it within few seconds your whole message will be broadcasted to everyone. So now guys if you are interested in sending bulk messages to all your friends on facebook then here is an easy way to do so..!!

Requirements :

  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 
  • A working Internet Connection
  • Facebook Account
  1. Open and Sign-In to your account.
  2. Now after Signing; you can do two things here :
    • One is just press F12 in chrome & Ctrl +Shift + K in Firefox to open the Console Tab or  Right click anywhere on the page and select "Inspect Element" Option and then a rectangular box will appear on the screen just click on the "Console" Tab.
  3. Now just copy the whole script provided here in the link and paste it inside the Console Tab and press Enter.
    Download Script

  4. Now a new popup windows will open, with the text field to write your message and a Post button to send it immediately.
  5. Now to confirm that everyone is going to receive your message just open any of your friend using chat system and press Post to see how he will get your message and so do all of your friends will receive the same message in seconds.
Note : Use this script once in a day otherwise facebook will temporary block your messaging service for doing bulk messaging.

So guys now enjoy this awesome trick to send bulk messages to all your friends using simple script, well I think this could surely save you a lot of time in order to greet everyone at the same time or just passing out some serious news, so have fun and Enjoy!

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