Blogging Community “Get Blog Traffic” Review

Blog community is the recent popular way to improve your blog’s traffic in a quick span of time. If you have heard about the community “Blog Engage” then i hope you are aware of blogging community and the benefits you get from a community. If you are not aware of blogging community then do not worry because i will help you to know what is a blog community, how to become familiar with other bloggers over there and how to use it to drive quality traffic to your website without much effort.
Get Blog Traffic is one of the best blogging community which is similar to blog engage. This blogging community provides every registered user to get benefited in several ways. One can share their blog on the community not website link but by submitting an article on the site , Find fellow bloggers of similar niche and directly interact with them through messages ( like email ) and rank your website’s authority.

How to Get started with “Get Blog Traffic” Community

As similar to any other blogging community your are required to create an account on the website first in order to proceed further. You can register with your e-mail id,Facebook account or even by using twitter account.

Once you have registered with the website then you can login to website by providing the user name and password you set up for your account. As soon as you are logged in you need to fill in all your profile information because that gives you a professional look when someone views at your profile. You can edit your profile by clicking on the gear icon and then “settings” from dropdown.
settings getblogtraffic
Fill in the details such as e-mail address, location, occupation and your home page address. To make it more friendly integrate in all of your social sharing network accounts with it. Select the categories in which you are interested in such as news, blogging , technology etc under the “Display Settings” and finally hit on the “Save Changes” button. You can add your website, social media links to get some free followers, likes or traffic to your website. So make sure you setup your profile pic.
I will explain the other options that are available under your profile.
  1. Profile – Shows the complete details about your profile.
  2. Messaging – Displays the messages which are Sent/Received to and from bloggers.
  3. Settings – As we have discussed above it allows your to fill in the details about you.
  4. Following – Displays the people whom you are following.
  5. Followers – Lists the bloggers who are following you.

How to Submit Blog Posts to “Get Blog Traffic” Community

You can submit any related post on the blogging community directly when you are logged in. Just click on the submit button that you find on the top of your webpage. You are requested to specify different information before submitting the post and i will tell you what are they.

submit getblogtraffic

Unique News URL : This is your post URL which you need to share it on this community with the other bloggers.
Story Title : This is very important because when someone visits your URL on their home page then your story title must make them understand the entire concept your are trying to provide them. Try to make it straight and simple with one line of title.
Tags : Tags can be used to add a tag along with your post , they can be of any tag such as Android, Download, Blogging,Technology,News etc.
Category : You have to always put your post under the proper category because when people will not be interested to see your posts and might downvote your post.
Description : Description can be more than 100 words and it should provide a brief description about the post your are spreading about. Don’t copy and paste your entire article. Just give good and brief description for your post, that should attract users to upvote your post.
What are UpVotes and DownVotes in Blogging Community?
You can see two hand symbols on your home page next to each post which means upvote and downvote. It is nothing but similar to like and dislike. If someone likes your post then he/she will upvote it and if someone doesn’t then they might downvote your posts. This will not be consistent but will be keep on fluctuating as people click on different votes.
votes in getblogtraffic

It is more important to get popularity in the blogging community because to get your post to be displayed on the top of the home page then your post must have good number of upvotes. To get upvotes you can make contact with more blogging friends and form a community yourself which will help you to build the traffic faster and sooner.
Ranking of a post also depends on few other factors such as karma and votes. Karma is nothing but the number of votes you make to the other posts and it gets increase. Try to be more interactive in the community and you can easily earn good karma. The community also has a good feature of displaying the top users on the community and if you get a chance to be placed on the list then there is nothing that is going to stop your popularity on the community.
So folks this blogging community surely drives good traffic to your blog. I suggest to visit this community 2-3 times a day and be active. “Active” indicates upvoting other posts and commenting on their posts.
Quick Tips to Get More Votes :
  • You find share icon after submitting your article below description, use that to share your post in social networking sites.
  • Invite your friends to join this community, make sure they are bloggers
  • Every blogger need traffic so always target blogger friends. You both get benefited.

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