Protect Blog Content - Disable Right Click on Blogger

Do you want to protect your Blog posts to be copied? Do you want your posts be unique and no one can't to copy your blog contents.The Optimum solution is to prevent others to copy your posts and to disable right click on Blogger blogs. So that even if user select the text, they can't to copy it. because the right click will not work and also CTRL+C.

However if you are providing services for the Bloggers and users by giving them codes such as widgets, plugins then it will be the drawback. However you can also get rid of this problem, then there is another method that you can use which allow users to copy codes just by pressing a javascript button.

How to Disable users to Copy your Posts?

Follow the Below Steps to implement this technique on Your Blogger Blogspot Blog :
  • Go Your Blogger Dashboard Select A Blog.
  • Go to Layout of your Blog and Add A Gadget Select HTML/JAVASCRIPT
  • Now Copy Below code and Paste.

  • Finally Save it and You are Done !
Now try to select some text in your Blog and you will see that right click does not works.
When you right click this message will Pop "function disabled".Now if you want to change this text then change the text in above codes.This Line : var message="Function Disabled!";

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