Get Free Facebook Likes

No matter how many Facebook likes your page has, there is always a room for more. And this is why I suggest a web application where Facebook page owners can get unlimited Facebook likes for free. The concept is very simple, you get points to like Facebook pages of others, and then these points are spent to get likes for your Facebook pages.
This benefits all the users of the application and you can get any number of Facebook likes you want.

How To Use The App (Mstoic Social)

  1. Register Your Email Account

    You need to register a free account at Mstoic Social To Add Your Facebook pages to their database. Registeration is also necessary so that your points can be added to your account whenever you like any Facebook page created by other people using the app.
    To give a kickstart to your page, we give you 300 points when you register a new account.
  2. Authorize The Facebook App

    To enhance security, They made a small Facebook app to see all the Facebook pages you are an administrator of. This prevents anyone other than the Facebook page admins to add the Facebook page to their Mstoic Social account.
  3. Like Facebook Pages And Receive Facebook Likes

    Once you authorize the Facebook app, you can start liking pages of others. Every time you like a page, you are awarded 9 points. The updated points are shown to you as soon as they are updated.

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You get 9 points for every Facebook page you like and 10 points are deducted for every like your page receives. That means for every 10 pages you like, your page will receive 9 likes. So start liking pages by others and get free Facebook likes for your page.

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