Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for Free easily

If content is King then backlink surely is queen. I’m saying this, because it has seen that blogs with low quality contents often rank on Google than blogs with awesome content, thanks to backlinks. Backlinks are important factors for SERP’s. Quality backlinks towards your blog can bring lots of free organic traffic from Google and other search engines. By times now, you must have understood the value of backlinks. But, before we further proceed, let’s understand for those who don’t know what is backlink, no-follow link and do-follow link.

Backlinks: These are the links on someone website/blog pointing towards your own blog. When Google finds your blog url on someone website/blog, it gives you some link juice as a result your blog gets free traffic. But all backlinks don’t carry link juice. Read on below to understand.

Basically Backlinks are of two types

  1. Do follow: These are the links which carry link juice.
  2. No follow: These are the links which don’t carry link juice. However, No follow links are also good if you are getting them from high PR (Page rank) websites or from a reputable website.

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How to know whether a backlink is a dofollow or nofollow?

It is very simple to know, which backlink is dofollow and which is nofollow
The simplest method to know this is to download this Firefox add-on, NoDoFollow. After installing this add-on, go to any webpage, right click and then click on No-follow. The red colour links are nofollow and the blue colour links are dofollow.
Dofollow or Nofollow

If you are a chrome user, then use SEOquake inspector for the same purpose.

Here are Best Methods to get Quality Backlinks for your blog

1. Guest blogging

This is my favorite method to get backlinks because when you do guest blogging, you not only just get backlinks but you make a relation with fellow bloggers and you also get exposed to a new and larger audience. It is a good practice if you blog on a similar niche blog as yours. You can easily get from 1 to 3 backlinks to your blog, in your author bio or in the content itself.
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2. Links from Social Media

You can easily create backlinks from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. However, these links are no-follow, but it’s better to have a no-follow link than nothing. Fortunately, not all social sites provide no-follow backlinks, there are some sites which will give a do follow backlink to your blog. Linkedin, Google + and Tumblr are among those sites. Backlinks from these sites won’t increase your traffic largely but these links will give your blog an authority which is good to your blog.

3. Social Bookmarking Sites

This another yet simple method to get backlinks for your blog. When you bookmark your own blog on these sites you get backlinks in return. To be honest, these backlinks  generally are not of high quality. However, there are some bookmarking sites which have more authority than others.

Below I listed many Social Bookmarking Sites with respective Page Ranks

  1. wordpress.com – pr9
  2. tumblr.com – pr8
  3. typepad.com – pr8
  4. weebly.com – pr8
  5. blogger.com – pr8
  6. tripod.com – pr8
  7. posterous.com – pr7
  8. jimdo.com – pr7
  9. yola.com – pr7
  10. squidoo.com – pr7
  11. multiply.com – pr7
  12. angelfire.com – pr7
  13. officelive.com – pr7
  14. rediff.com – pr7
  15. wikidot.com – pr7
  16. webs.com – pr7
  17. webnode.com – pr7
  18. salon.com – pr7
  19. edublogs.org – pr6
  20. webspawner.com – pr6
  21. soup.io – pr6
  22. ucoz.com – pr6
  23. travelblog.org – pr6
  24. gather.com – pr6
  25. springnote.com – pr6
  26. webstarts.com – pr6
  27. moonfruit.com – pr6
  28. journalspace.com – pr6
  29. blog.de – pr6
  30. onsugar.com – pr6
  31. quizilla.teennick.com – pr6
  32. areavoices.com – pr6
  33. freeblog.hu – pr6
  34. blog.com – pr6
  35. blogdrive.com – pr5
  36. blogtext.org – pr5
  37. freeflux.net – pr5
  38. freehostia.com – pr5
  39. zoomshare.com – pr5
  40. flixya.com – pr5
  41. webgarden.com – pr5
  42. ohlog.com – pr5
  43. livelogcity.com – pr5
  44. snappages.com – pr5
  45. sosblogs.com – pr5
  46. visualsociety.com – pr5
  47. insanejournal.com – pr5
  48. alivenotdead.com – pr5
  49. hazblog.com – pr5
  50. hpage.com – pr5
  51. blog.com.es – pr5
  52. 350.com – pr5
  53. beep.com – pr5
  54. devhub.com – pr5
  55. blog.hr – pr5
  56. blinkweb.com – pr5
  57. ewebsite.com – pr5
  58. flukiest.com – pr4
  59. bloggum.com – pr4
  60. inube.com – pr4
  61. iseekblog.com – pr4
  62. hipero.com – pr4
  63. blurty.com – pr4
  64. bloghi.com – pr4
  65. wallinside.com – pr4
  66. getjealous.com – pr4
  67. fotopages.com – pr4
  68. wikipages.com – pr4
  69. freeblogspot.org – pr4
  70. myblogsite.com – pr4
  71. spi-blog.com – pr4
  72. 2itb.com – pr4
  73. mytripjournal.com – pr4
  74. blogreaction.com – pr4
  75. doomby.com – pr4
  76. blogge.rs – pr4
  77. mywapblog.com – pr4
  78. yousaytoo.com – pr4
  79. publr.com – pr3
  80. blogster.com – pr3
  81. weblogplaza.com – pr3
  82. spyuser.com – pr3
  83. bcz.com – pr3
  84. iblog.at – pr3
  85. honmag.com – pr3
  86. blogpico.com – pr2
  87. evood.com – pr2
  88. uwcblog.com – pr2
Note: While bookmarking your own page, do not go overboard, as your link building process should be natural. It looks very unnatural for a page to go from having 0 bookmarks one day to having 10 bookmarks the next, isn’t it? I’d recommend you do not bookmark the same page more than twice the same day. Apart from this, don’t just bookmark your own content on these social bookmarking sites otherwise they will ban you. To not get in this situation, also bookmark others content to look natural.

4. Blog commenting

Commenting on others blog can easily get you lots of backlinks. But most of the blogs give no-follow backlinks when you comment on them. To check whether a website has do-follow comment system or not, use the above mentioned add-on. I’d suggest you to comment on 7 no-follow blogs and 3 do-follow blogs, means it should be in 7:3. This method ensures that your link building process is gradual and natural. To find out do-follow blogs of your same niche, you can take help of Google.
Type in Google
Keyword “comment here” (Replace Keyword with your own blog niche e.g. health “comment here”)
Keyword “add comment”
Keyword “submit comment”
Keyword “add url”
Keyword “submit url”
Keyword “submit a site”
You can also install commentluv plugin for blog commenting if you wish.

5. Get Backlinks by Answering and Asking Questions:

No doubt you can get backlinks by answering questions on various question answer sites like Yahoo answers ,Wiki Answers ,Askmefast ,not only by answering questions but if you are smart you can also get backlinks even by asking questions. Below is the screenshot of the same;
Backlinks by Question & Answers

Some Best Sites to Get Started

6. Create Backlinks by Directory Submission:

This is a very old technique of creating backlinks. These days this is considered as spam by google. Dont over do it. Just choose some good directories and build links. If you over do it then you will be penalized for sure. Below I listed some best auto approval directories.

  • www.directorybahrain.com 
  • www.directoryglasgow.com 
  • www.unitedarabdirectory.com 
  • www.austrlialinkdirectory.com 
  • www.directorygerman.com 
  • www.westminsterdirectory.com
  • www.digitalwebdirectory.com 
  • www.directoryexclusive.com 
  • www.diamondwebdirectory.com 
  • www.unitedstateswebdirectory.com 
  • www.directoryrss.com 
  • www.directoryold.com 
  • www.dollarsdirectory.com 
  • www.msuguccimane.com 
  • www.utahhomesandlandteam.com 
  • www.saveourelk.org 
  • www.mandirigmangpinoy.com 
  • www.dmozlinkdirectory.com 
  • www.mercyrad.com 
  • www.healthilize.com 
  • www.gunrunnersgifts.com 
  • www.directoryunited.com 
  • www.directoryswiss.com 
  • www.whitewebdirectory.com 
  • www.www.hghlook.org 
  • www.unitedkingdomsubmit.com 
  • www.clickerdirectory.com 
  • www.pakistanlinkdirectory.com 
  • www.www.hghenvy.com 
  • www.www.hghlive.com 
  • www.searchengineslink.com 
  • www.www.penisenlargementenvy.org 
  • www.secondwebdirectory.com 
  • www.goldenwebdirectory.com 
  • www.hostinglinkdirectory.com 
  • www.specialwebdirectory.com 
  • www.goldwebdirectory.com 
  • www.standardlisting.com 
  • www.chinalinkdirectory.com 
  • www.wickeddirectory.com 
  • www.canadianlinkdirectory.com 
  • www.developerswebdirectory.com 
  • www.decentwebdirectory.com 
  • www.wickedfiredirectory.com 
  • www.blackhatdirectory.com 
  • www.businessweblisting.com 
  • www.recentrealestate.com 
  • www.leedsdirctory.com 
  • www.americansdirectory.net 
  • www.seoweblisting.com 
  • www.regularwebdirectory.com 
  • www.regularsubmission.com 
  • www.seochatdirectory.com 
  • www.recentwebdirectory.com 
  • www.indianlinkdirectory.com 
  • www.advertisingwebdirectory.com 
  • www.hghmist.com 
  • www.affiliatewebdirectory.com 
  • www.jewdirectory.com 
  • www.olderdirectory.com 
  • www.sitepointdirectory.com 
  • www.tokyolinkdirectory.com 
  • www.uklinkdirectory.com 
  • www.forumcomputer.com 
  • www.phonewebdirectory.com 
  • www.directorymanchester.com 
  • www.backlinkreseller.com 
  • www.directoryeuropean.com 
  • www.www.penisenlargementenvy.com 
  • www.netbuildersdirectory.com 
  • www.internationalbusinesslisting.com 
  • www.directoryspanish.com 
  • www.directorysydney.com 
  • www.directorydelicious.com 
  • www.directorykorean.com 
  • www.apnitalk.com 
  • www.imedia8.info 
  • www.egreentechnologies.net 
  • www.blueprintsdirectory.com 
  • www.japanlinkdirectory.com 
  • www.directorysouth.com 
  • www.directoryunitedstates.com 
  • www.dofollowsocialbookmarking.com 
  • www.viewsdirectory.com 
  • www.directoryitalian.com 
  • www.toyonasic.com 
  • www.personalwebdirectory.com 
  • www.australialisting.com 
  • www.directoryenglish.com 
  • www.directorybirmingham.com 
  • www.3gdirectory.com 
  • www.royalelizabeth.biz 
  • www.indexnew.info 
  • www.ifreesubmit.com 
  • www.directorybritish.com

7. Help people on the Forums

This is a give and take method. Here, you will have to sort out people’s problem about which you have knowledge and in return you will be able to get backlinks from these high PR sites. To get backlinks from these sites, firstly, make an account on the following websites. Now, start commenting on the posts about which you have knowledge. When you reach on a certain level or point table, you will be able to leave a link in your comment pointing towards your own blog.
Note: When you leave a link of your blog on these forum posts, it must be relevant to the post and sort out the problem of the visitors who clicks on those links.
Some Best Forums List:

  • V7nForuma
  • Siteowners Forum 
  • Joomla Forum 
  • Search engine watch Forum 
  • CNET Forum 
  • Mysql Forum 
  • Digital point Forum 
  • Affiliate Marketing Forum 
  • Site Point Forum 
  • Warrior forum 
  • WebHostingTalk 
    • Deviantart 
    • File Sharing Forum 
    • Geek Village Forum 
    • HTML Forum 
    • MyGame Builder Forum 
    • PhpBB Forum 
    • Search Engine Roundtable 
    • Black Hat World


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