Set Wallpaper to a Pen Drive

Are you bored of viewing the same white or blank background in your USB or Pen Drive ?

When you open your Pen Drive you always find a white background. Want something new... So today I will tell you a trick by which you can easily set a wallpaper as you like on your Pen Drive. It is very simple trick to set a wallpaper on your Pen Drive. Using this trick you can easily set a colorful wallpapers on your Pen Drive.

Steps to Follow :

  • Open your Notepad.
  • Now copy the below code and paste it in Notepad.
specify the file name (here it is wallpaper.bmp)
  • Now save the file as desktop.ini
  • Now Refresh and view the background.
Now every time when you will open your Pen Drive it will show background as your wallpaper.
NOTE: You are suppose to keep the image file on your Pen Drive.
This trick is tested on Windows XP and VISTA. Hope it will work on Windows 7 and 8 also. Please do comment to tell us whether it is working on Windows 7/8 or not.

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