Watch Youtube Video in VLC Media Player

All of us have Install VLC media player in our Desktop or Laptop and watch Youtube video daily or as per interest. So today i will tell you a tricks to how watch a youtube video in VLC media player. It is very simple and easy tricks which will done by all of us very easily by following below steps


     STEP 1  First of all open your VLC Media Player.
    STEP  2  Now go to File > Open network or simply press ctrl+N                                                                STEP  3  Now a dialogue box will be open                                                                                                                              
    STEP 4 Now open from your browser and search the video that you want to watch

    STEP Copy the url from the address bar of your browser and paste it in the dialogue box as shown in                     the above

    STEP 6 Now click on the PLAY button and enjoy your video.                

        I just hope you will like this trick and don't forget to share & comment .....

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