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From the Foreground of ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY (AMU) Facebook is now going to tough competition from Two students of AMU have launched a social networking site by the name of Zamber and they are confident that zamber is more secure than the most popular social networking site According to them nobody can hack accounts of the members of zamber.
Members here can do VIDEO CHAT with many friends at the same time. This site is Launched today on 29-April-2014 at night. To make their Launching successful and a grand one they are expecting AMBITABH BACHCHAN as thier Chief Guest.

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About Creators

Zamber is created by the students from the department of Computer Sciene at AMU. By doing Hard Work for two years they are able to create more secure social networking site than Facebook. One of them USMAN is at 3rd year in B.Tech by Computer Science while the other one AKRAM is at 2nd year in the same field. They both gave their FOCUS on the security of Zamber members account. So that nobody can hack your account.

Zamber vs Facebook

According to Usman, Zamber is better than Facebook in many aspects :
  • Video Chat with many friends simultaneously.
  • Watch Live Matches.
  • Watch AMU sports events too.
  • Protection from Cyber attacks.
  • Linked with Twitter.
  • Google Search bar embeded in the toolbar for instant search.
  • Digital Time to tell how much time spent after joining Zamber.

Troubles Faced

Zamber team faced lot of troubles too while it was in its starting phase. A year before they were able to hack their own site dozen times.

Troubles Ahead

After launching of this site these two students now are going to have their real exam. Like that which was faced by the CEO of Facebook. If Zamber site is able to have many members then only Indian ANGEL Network is going to invest in it.
You may not be able to open Zamber because it is currently offline. May be the creators have done this to give Zamber a new starting.


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