Earn Money by Uploading Files

So many ways to earn money from online as I told before, Earn via uploading files is one of the most profitable of them. Its very easy and risk free. If you think, you have some important files, softwares, Videos, music files, images or something what people will download then start uploading then in the websites which I suggest and start earning.
upload and earn

How It Work?

Simple steps to earn, just follow these;
1. Create account from the sites what i am gonna suggest you. Don’t be confuse about the sites, their vary much secure and conscious about the files because files are very much important for both you and website.
2. Upload the files and get the link
3. Share the link among the people who needed the file
4. Use Facebook, twitter and some other social networking sites for sharing your link and just start earning.

List of the best Uploading sites

 1. Depositfiles.com – Depositfiles pay 25$ per 1000 downloads of of the files that you upload. The files can be video, audio, text files etc. You can upload any file types like EXE, MP3, MPEG, AVI, RAR, ZIP, JPG,  etc. Music files, video files, mp3, applications, games, ringtones,  office files (e.g. in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc) projects, models,  architectural drawings, conference recordings, price-lists, regular  agreements, laboratory data, server configuration files, advertising  booklets and so on. The size of a file you can upload is the maximum in  the Internet now up to 2GB!
2. Uploading.com – Uploading.com pay their partners anywhere between 1-100$ for every 1000 downloads of their files. The income per file depends upon the file popularity and file size. Daily payments by request, Minimum payment is just $30. Payment via Epese, Epassporte, Wire Transfer, Webmoney and PayPal. They also have Reseller program, see Details about reseller program.
3. sharecash.org – Get around 1 $ to $ 20 for each download. They support PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Payquicker, bank transfer, and checks. Even better, they send the payments to the three all partners, and in 16 Premier their friends.
4. turbobit.net - just upload the files to turbobit.net and share your files with friends, family and even strangers! You can be compensated for every download of your files or every time a premium companies are sold to customers you bring in.
5. dollarupload.com - this site has more options than just uploading files and earn money. It has the ability to create gateway to protect your site.
6. DocStoc.com - With DocStoc, you can upload your files easily. The files that you upload are monetized with your Google AdSense account. DocStoc keeps the 50% of the revenue generated from your Ads displayed on the document page that you uploaded. The more the traffic and thus more the downloads, there is a higher chance for you to make money through Google AdSense.
Such file sharing site can be a source of passive income for you for the files that are sitting dead on your hard drive. You have to apply for this program form http://www.docstoc.com/doccash
7. Filebucks.org - Typical earnings: on average between $1 – $10 depending on visitors country/quality of information provided. – Pays out more, but more difficult to get downloads.
  • They offer affiliate program! Earn 10% of users earnings. Yes, 10%!
  • Minimum payout is 10$!
  • Payments are executed within 1 day after payout request
8. Ziddu.com – Ziddu is a completely free file hosting which offer many great services and allow their members to earn and make money from their uploads. They gives user flexibility to create audio and video to share with other peoples. Unlike other free hosting Ziddu accepts parallel download so you don’t have to wait for the countdown time to end anymore. The site is user friendly and designed well for users.
  1. unlimited upload files.
  2. file size limit is 200 MB per file.
  3. file is keep 90 day after the last download.
  4. No countdown time and allow multiple downloads.
  5. Ziddu offers free accounts for all members. No premium accounts.
  6. If your files are photos, video clips or songs. They will show preview of your files and if someone click to enlarge your photos, play your video files or listen to your songs. You will get 1 download count.
  7. Minimum payout is $10 per 10000 downloads.
  8. Ziddu have email option that enable user to send download links to their friends.
  9. They have IP per file per day restriction so one person per download per day will get the download count.
  10. Ziddu launched android apps named “Ziddu Pay” for their users.
  11. They are offering 100 GB space by only $1.99 which you can use from your earned amount.
Some others,
Some others I will post in future, just work with these and stay connected with Us.

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