Post in all Facebook Groups by a Single Click

As you all know that how much 'Traffic' matters in case of Ranking on Blogger. To make our website or blog or any image Popular Facebook is the Best place to share to get maximum viewers. But to share a link or image on our timeline catches only few Eyes. So its better to post them in Facebook Groups and for posting in all groups we have to spend much time. So to have this Trouble solved we have got an Awesome trick to share any post in all the Facebook GROUPS automatically.

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Get Started

  • First of all add yourself into tons of Groups present on Facebook.
  • After your approval by the admins of the Groups you have to copy all facebook group Username of all groups you are approved.
  • To get the Username of a Group simply open that group in your browser and copy the part that is shown in Red below.

So copy the username of all the groups you are part of and paste them in Notepad one by one.

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Group E-Mails

Now you have to create the E-Mail addresses of all the Groups you are part of and in which you want to post your update from the Usernames of the Groups. You have to add the username of the group before '' as given below.
  • Now follow the above steps to create E-Mail Addresses of all the Groups you have been approved and then seperate all the E-Mail addresses by placing commas (,) between them.
  • Now save them all into the Notepad or any other Text Editor.
  • Now Sign In in to your E-Mail by which you have signed up for facebook.
  • Click in Compose option.
  • Now copy all those facebook groups email addresses which you have just created and paste them into the BCC field.
  • Now compose your mail, write whatever you want to post in all the facebook Groups.
  • Click on SEND button.
  • Now check your activity log or all the facebook groups your message would have been successfully posted in all the Groups.
Be careful that you might got banned in future from any facebook group by its admin if you use this trick for Spamming.

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