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I feel bored waiting for a slow loading page. I start counting with my fingers tapping on the desk. I'm keen with the information from that page but my Internet connection just doesn't help me out. Because the page fails to show as quick as required. Finally, I give up and go back to Google. The question is why a particular web page that I've found need more time to load compare to others.

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Basically, loading time sense visitor's experience. You might not return to my blog if you were unhappy because it was slow to respond. You noticed the images reveal one by one, and sometimes the page stuck while the browser keep requesting for another links to activate.
Speed Up Blog
From now onward, I'm trying to optimise my blog's loading time without changing the theme. I'm concerning how many files are being used including CSS, images, and scripts. And how big the size they are. To get the information, I use free online services from here;

What I've done so far


I believe an image adds a punch to a website. BTW, the amount of HTTPs might be increased preceding to the number of image file. So, I've to think carefully to use an image inside my post. For the images used in my template, I use CSS Sprite method and merge them to 2-3 files only. In addition, I will use CSS3 features rather than images to get the same effect such as border radius, box shadow, RGBA and opacity.


Sometimes the images are just significant for my template and stories. If this is the case, what can I do are - Choosing the right format (JPG, PNG, or GIF) with reference to the size and quality. I use many PNGs. Reduce the size again using online optimiser such as PNG Optimizer and Smush.it.
Get the exact size that I want to display, so browsers are not forcing to scale my images. It means to avoid from setting height and width for img tags. When the image has a defined size, in the post editor, I just select 'Original size' after uploading the image.


I put movable scripts before closing body tag such as Google Analytic and Colorbox. At the same time, I minimise the number of widget/gadget or at least move them to the bottom of my sidebar or footer. I know it's not improving the page loading time, but at least the main content has already been on your screen while the less important scripts load.


Instead of using gadget, I write basic HTML to create a list for Recent Posts and Popular Posts. I also pretend not using post-summary or image thumbnail. From the speed test result, I've few files that bothering my mind. Remove or relocate.


I noticed Google Site is not the best choice to host my files when concerning the page loading time. Even for a very small file.

To conclude, I hope my blog comes with more friendliness and better impression to you. You may try what I've done. I understand that Google is lazy indexing a slow page. So, it's a factor to get higher PageRank in short period of time.

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