Best Windows 8 Themes with Inspiring Visual Styles

Microsoft releases new versions of Windows time to time with more improvements and better functionality. Windows 8 that was released back in 2012 became much popular these days. And the newer version (Windows 8.1) with more extra features is being used commonly. Although Windows 7 and 8 have much better themes and UI as compared to the previous releases yet we get bored with the stock themes of Windows 8. People always look for new and attractive themes to have a cool desktop. So today I present a huge collection of 25+ Best Windows 8 Themes. If you are bored with the default Windows 8 Themes then I would recommend you download these Free Windows 8 Themes and have a beautiful visual interface.

How to Install 3rd Party Windows 8 Themes ?

A number of cool and attractive Themes for Windows 8 are available these days. But one cannot directly install third part themes in Windows eight.  You will first have to modify some windows files (themeui.dll, UXInit.dll, uxtheme.dll ) in order to install any of these Best Windows Themes. In order to make it easy, we will install simple software and then we will be able to install any 3rd Party Theme in Windows 7 or 8.

Follow the simple steps

If you want to install these cool themes to your Desktop then you have to follow these simple steps :
  • Download UxStyle Core software by clicking [Here].
  • Install it on your System and it will automatically edit the required Windows files.
  • Restart Your Computer.
  • Download Windows 8 Themes and copy them to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes (Here C is the drive in which you have installed Windows)
  • Finally Open the theme file and it will be automatically applied to your desktop.

Best Windows 8 Themes – Free Download

Gray8 Theme (Download)

It is a dark color theme from deviantart with a a cool blue color contrast. The gray color icons also look very impressive and make the theme more inspiring.

Alduin Theme (Download)

Best Windows 8 Themes

Windows 8 Default Style (Download)

Default Style Theme For Windows 8

Aerodesign (Download)

Aero by Design

Acid Beta (Download)

It is a simple and light color theme for Windows 8 users and best suitable for those people who like simplicity and cleanliness.
Acid Beta Template Windows 8

Base (Download)

Base Windows Eight Theme

Edge 8 (Download)

Edge 8 Windows Theme

Abisso Theme (Download)

Abisso is another dark color theme with a Blue color combination that looks really great.
abisso dark visual style windows 8 Theme

Flower Theme (Download)

For nature loving people, this theme is best suited with elegant colors and visual styles.
Pink Flower Theme For Windows

Gnommit dark windows 8 themes (Download)

gnomnit dark Theme

Elune by Neiio (Download)

Elune Theme

8look V3.1 VS (Download)

It is an eye catchy theme with a light green color combination that adds a cool look to your Windows 8 desktop.
8look win 8 Theme

Gray8 New Red (Download)

Color contrast of red and black looks bold and great. If you love are looking for dark Windows 8 theme then you should download this theme free from deviantart.

White Update (Download)


Snowy Theme for PC (Download)

Snowy is a sophisticated theme for Windows 8 users with an elegant visual effects and colors.
Snowy Best Theme For windows 8

Ubuntu Suite for win 8 and 8.1 (Download)

Have you ever used Ubunto operating system? Now you can have Ubunto installed on your Windows 8 by installing Ubunto suite on theme. It is also available for windows 8.1
Ubuntu Style Theme For Windows 8

Incomplete VS (Download)

Incomplete-VS - Best Windows 8 Themes

Simplex (Download)

simplex-theme Windows 8

Royal 8 (Download)

Are you still missing Windows XP and vista like visual interface? You can still have that type fabulous of desktop by installing Royal 8 Windows Eight Theme.
royale-8- Free Windows 8 Theme Download

Work (Download)

Work Theme For Windows 8

Dark8 Theme (Download)

It is another Windows 8 Theme with a dark background colors.

Areao Theme (Download)

Areao Theme is one of my favorite one with stylish icons pack and dark gray color. Unlike other themes, it does not make your whole background window blacky and that’s a plus point of this theme.
Best Windows 8 Themes-areao

Platinum Best WordPress Theme (Download)


Special Blueberries (Download)

Space Blue Berries Theme Win8

Nimbus for Win 8 (Download)

Using Nimbus Theme for Windows 8, you can customize the color combinations according to your choice and modify the visual appearance according to your needs.
nimbus_for_win_8_Windows 8.1 Theme

Snow Leopard (Download)

Snow Leopard Theme

Want to Install Windows Eight Theme on Windows Seven

Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7
So if you are windows 7 user and without upgrading you want to have windows 8/8.1 themes installed on your desktop then here is a cool theme for you. Click [Here] to download Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7  and copy it into the resources folder of windows. Finally execute the theme file and enjoy the new Windows 8 interface.
So, here comes the end of my today’s collection. Tell us which one you like the Most ?

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